MSML uses a lot of other libraries for its native operators and requires some Python packages for itself. Following libraries are required:

You should start with cloning the repository in your directory of choice (e.g. $HOME/workspace):

$ git clone

Installation Linux

This manual should work on common Linux systems. There is a build script for Ubuntu 12.04.

You can simply execute following commands.

$ cd msml                              # change directory to msml root
$ sudo pip install -r requirements.txt # install python requirements

You should consider the use of virtual environments for developtment Probably the installation of python-lxml fails, because of missing libxml-dev headers. You can install it the headers or the precompiled version from your distribution:

$ sudo apt-get install python-lxml

Operators Requirements

You only need Python, Swig and VTK to run MSML. However, more operators can be unlocked by installing the appropriate 3rd-party libraries.

  1. Install Python and Swig.

    $ sudo apt-get install python-dev swig
  2. You can install the VTK from your distribution

    $  sudo apt-get install libvtk6 libvtk6-dev # for UBUNTU 14.0x (in case your distribution is < 14, link vtk 6.x path in Cmake, see below.)
  3. Tetgen (optional)

    $ sudo apt-get install tetgen libtet1.5-dev libtet1.5 # for UBUNTU/DEBIAN 14.0x (in case your distribution is < 14, link vtk 6.x path in Cmake, see below.)

We recommend installing the newest version 1.5. Tetgen is in the non-free repository under Debian and Debian Sid provides tetgen1.5.

  1. CGAL (optional)

    $ sudo apt-get install libcgal-dev

Compiling the C++ operators

Create a folder for the build processing and execute cmake:

$ mkdir cbuild && cd cbuild
$ cmake ../operators
  # link vtk/tetgen with switch vtk_DIR (i.e. folder where vtkconfig.cmake is located) or tetgen_DIR.
  # link svn if necessary (can be installed by sudo apt-get install subversion)
$ make -j

Installation of Simulation Environments

See separate notes on SOFA, HiFlow3, Abaqus and FeBIO.

Installation Windows

Building the MSML Operators

Build for 64bit with Visual Studio 2010